Frostbite, or Frostbitten as it is also known, is the first major motion picture score for Danish composer Anthony Lledo. The newcomer’s score for the vampire flick, on first listen appears to be another generic horror score, however on closer inspection, the score has been crafted remarkably well.

It is not often a new composer, especially in horror, utilizes a full orchestra, the normal trend is to instead go for a more modern approach and sound. However Lledo’s score is exclusively composed for orchestra, with the exception of minor electronic percussion. He introduces his main theme in the opening track ‘War’, on low brass and strings, with intermittent woodwind accompaniment. The theme is a rising motif that gradually builds in volume and texture, setting the mood perfectly for the genre of the film.

Then immediately in the following track ‘Ukraine 1944’ he inverts the theme before reinstating it leading into ‘Abandoned Cabin’ further developing and varying the main theme, establishing an overall mood and tone for the film. The theme gets incorporated throughout the score in tracks such as ‘Rufus: Lord Of Evil’, ‘You Are One Of Us’ and ‘Hit The Lights’.

The other side of Frostbite’s score is dominated with impressive action writing, which develops motifs within the orchestration, evident intermittently in ‘The Vampire’, ‘The Hunt’, ‘They’re All Dead’ and ‘The Coffin’ where the main theme is again incorporated. The trailer music is also included on the album as an added bonus.

It has to be said that for a first time film composer Anthony Lledo has certainly produced an impressive score. Some may hear traces of David Arnold and Danny Elfman in his music and even Alan Silvestri. In fact the orchestral style is incredibly similar to Silvestri, and one can hear influences from What Lies Beneath and Van Helsing so fans of these scores may well enjoy Frostbite. The only difference and let down is that Lledo’s themes are nowhere near as memorable as the aforementioned composers, however this is surely bound to improve with time, but in contrast his tempestuous action writing is first-class.

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