This is a very limited edition, available only by mail-order, which is dedicated to the cult TV series, Airwolf. The series followed the adventures of Stringfellow Hawke and his friend, Dominic Santini, with their stolen experimental military helicopter, Airwolf, (based upon a Bell 222b). The series contained many spectacular flying sequences which were greatly enhanced by the strangely compelling music supplied Sylvester Levay.
The main theme has often been available on compilation albums, but oddly often sounding wrong for no discernable reason. Not so on this release, which totally captures the sound and feel of the TV series even though the music on the main CD is billed as having been rearranged by Mark J Cairns. The main theme is by no means the only music that was written for the Airwolf series, but most of it was synthesizer based and ranges from the dark and moody through to fast and furious. The twenty-two tracks on the main CD give a fair cross section and the flavour of the electronic music contained in the series. Sadly missing are some of the haunting cello pieces that Hawke used to play on the end of the jetty to passing eagles, but you can't have everything!
The second CD is labeled a 'special bonus CD' and was arranged and conducted by Sylvester Levay. Although only 12 minutes long, it contains an extended version of the main theme and a charming medley entitled 'Echoes from the Past'. The third track is a majestic medley of music from the first series, and just a hint of the missing cello.
This release has to be the ultimate for Airwolf fans with not only two CDs of the wide ranging music from the three seasons, but a beautifully prepared twenty page booklet containing some stunning stills from the series, particularly of the helicopter and an interview with Sylvester Levay. Even if you are not an Airwolf fan, but enjoy good and well played synthesizer music this could be one for the collection. Further details can be found at