No, Elliot Goldenthal did not re-use Danny Elfman's original Batman theme. Instead, Goldenthal delivers his own vision of the dark knight's heroics with a faster, more militant main theme - absolutely more tongue-in-cheek than Elfman's darkly serious composition. Both themes are solid, dynamic compositions and none of them should be dismissed! Goldenthal's music is plain fireworks all the way: violent trumpet and French horn trills, fat brass clusters and twittering piccolo flutes dominate the extremely loud orchestrations. The score features hilarious portions of jazz, charming influences from the cult horror movies of the 50's ("Nygma Variations") and plenty of hard-boiled, brassy action complemented by jazzy brass stabs and weird rhythmic patterns. In comparison with most of Goldenthal's previous scores, Batman Forever is certainly his most superficial and hollow work - on the other hand it's one of his most entertaining scores to date.