The Batman score CD was released shortly after Prince's song album, but the huge promotion of that made even well-reputed film reviewers believe that it actually was Prince who had written the Wagner-esque music in the film. Today, Prince's music is a forgotten piece of trash, while Elfman's score stands out as one of the most impressive action scores in recent years.
This CD is filled with truly astonishing orchestral music. Elfman used synthesizers only to achieve a few well-calculated effects - the rest is symphonic, particularly heavy on brass and percussion. The introductory crescendo of the opening theme is heavily influenced by Bernard Herrmann's Journey to the Center of the Earth, and yes, Elfman has admitted that Herrmann is a very big source of inspiration! The following rousing Batman march is already a classic, a brilliantly dynamic composition which is skillfully utilised in most of the action cues. Elfman's use of the "mickey-mousing" technique makes for highly entertaining listening in such pieces as "First Confrontation", "Attack of the Batwing" and "Waltz to the Death". All in all, the Batman score CD is an excellent album and a very impressive achievement.