'Sea Suites' is a CD containing music from two documentary films about the sea and seafarers. The link between these films is the glorious lyrical and moving music commission for their score from Belgian composer, Guy Cuyvers.

Sea Power was commissioned by the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, Virginia and is about the spiritual influence the sea has upon all that encounter its awesome power. The music has a raw majesty that could only be describing the sea. The highly lyrical themes, combined with dominant orchestral arrangements that create an astounding piece of music that lies somewhere between John Barry and Richard Wagner. The music, like the sea, is always busy, moving from one level to another, even the gentle movements are tinged with a hint of another impending maelstrom. It is only with the final cue that the score settles into a grandiose reflective mood, ending with a glorious regal salute.

The second film, Sea Fever, is a contrast between the fever felt by many mariners, which creates a bond that dominates their lives and the fever that is felt by many parts of the world's seas as a result of man's abuse and neglect. Guy Culver's music for this film is far more brooding than the majesty of Sea Power, but is no less a moving piece of music. The haunting flute is offset by sweeping strings framed by the echoes of kettle drums. The gentle, almost sad, passages are truly contemplative, but still etched with the power of the sea.

These two scores, although short, are filled with magnificent and very emotional music, which is almost classical in style. For those interested in more serious film music this must be a highly recommended purchase.

Conducted by:
Silver Van Der Broeck
Arranged by:
Guy Cuyvers
Produced by:
Nora Nys
Performed by:
The Flemish Radio Orchestra
MCA Polygram L112091970
Year of release:
Total duration: