Forget everything you've heard from Elliot Goldenthal before - Heat is something completely different. It's very modern, extremely loud and almost psychotic in its intensity. We have been accustomed to originality when listening to the music of Elliot Goldenthal, but I have to say Heat really surprised me. Here, the orchestra is combined with distorted electric guitars, very intense samples - and a modern, avant garde string quartet, namely the Kronos Quartet. The music contains much of everything: volume, intensity, harmony, emotions... it's a unique atmosphere which is absolutely electrifying. The overall sound sometimes reminds me of ambient music, that kind of new age stuff, especially in the very beautiful "Condensers". On the other hand, we have extremely energetic cues like the opening "Heat", with driving rhythms, harsh string tremolos and guitar samples and pounding drums. More than half of the album is non score, but the pop songs are unusually well interwoven into the score.